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BR-3669 High whiteness, blue undertone, high opacity titanium dioxide

Short Description:

BR-3669 pigment is a rutile titanium dioxide produced by the sulfate process. It has performance with high gloss, high whiteness, well dispersion and blue undertone.

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Technical Data Sheet

Typical Properties


Tio2 content, %


Inorganic Treatment

ZrO2, Al2O3

Organic Treatment


Tinting reducing power (Reynolds Number)


PH Value


45μm Residue on sieve, %


Oil absorption(g/100g)


Resistivity (Ω.m)


Recommended applications

Powder Coating with high thermal stability and high whiteness


25kg bags, 500kg and 1000kg containers.

Detailed Description

Introducing BR-3669 pigment, a high-quality rutile titanium dioxide produced using the sulfate process. Its unique properties of high opacity, high whiteness, high temperature resistance and blue undertones make it ideal for many different applications.

This pigment is the perfect solution for those looking to achieve high whiteness and thermal stability in their products. It is well suited for use in masterbatches and powder coatings, making it a versatile product that can be used in a variety of industries.

BR-3669 Pigment has been specifically designed to provide exceptional performance and is an excellent choice for those who demand the very best. Its high hiding power makes it ideal for use in opaque paints, while its high whiteness makes it ideal for creating vibrant colours.

Whether you are looking to create high-quality masterbatches or powder coatings, BR-3669 pigment is an excellent choice. Its high temperature resistance means it can withstand even the most extreme conditions, making it ideal for use in a wide range of applications.

In summary, if you are looking for a high-performance pigment with excellent heat stability, high opacity and whiteness, then BR-3669 pigment is the perfect choice. With its blue base color and variety of application options, it is an excellent choice for many industries. Order today to experience the superior performance and quality of BR-3669 pigment.

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