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BCR-858 Extreme blue undertone titanium dioxide

Short Description:

BCR-858 is a rutile type titanium dioxide produced by the chloride process. It is designed for masterbatch and plastics. The surface is treated inorganically with aluminum and also treated organically. It has performance with bluish undertone, good dispersion, low volatility, low oil absorption, excellent yellowing resistance and dry flow ability in process.

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Technical Data Sheet

Typical Properties


Tio2 content, %


Inorganic Treatment


Organic Treatment


45μm Residue on sieve, %


Oil absorption(g/100g)


Resistivity (Ω.m)


Recommended applications



25kg bags, 500kg and 1000kg containers.

More details

Introducing BCR-858, the perfect solution for all your masterbatch and plastics needs. Our rutile type titanium dioxide is produced using the Chloride process, ensuring high quality and performance.

The bluish undertone of BCR-858 makes your product looking vibrant and eye-catching. Its good dispersion capabilities make it easy to integrate into your production process, without compromising on quality or performance. With low volatility and low oil absorption, BCR-858 guarantees stability and consistency in your products, ensuring that the production process is smooth.

In addition to its remarkable color, BCR-858 also boasts excellent yellowing resistance, ensuring that your products stay looking fresh and new for longer. Plus, its dry flow ability means that it can be easily handled and processed, leading to increased efficiency and faster production times.

When you choose BCR-858, you can trust that you are getting a high-quality product that meets all your needs for masterbatch and plastics applications. Whether you are looking to enhance the color of your products, improve their stability, or simply streamline your production process, BCR-858 is the perfect solution.

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