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BR-3661 Glossy and highly dispersed titanium dioxide

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BR-3661 is a rutile titanium dioxide pigment, produced by the sulfate process. It is designed for printing ink applications. It has a bluish undertone and good optical performance,high dispersibility, high hiding power, and low oil absorption.

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Technical Data Sheet

Typical Properties


Tio2 content, %


Inorganic Treatment

ZrO2, Al2O3

Organic Treatment


Tinting reducing power(Reynolds Number)


45μm Residue on sieve, %


Oil absorption(g/100g)


Resistivity (Ω.m)


Oil dispersibility (Haegman number)


Recommended applications

Printing Inks
Reverse Laminated printing inks
Surface printing inks
Can coatings


25kg bags, 500kg and 1000kg containers.

More Details

Introducing BR-3661, the latest addition to our collection of high-performance rutile titanium dioxide pigments. Produced using the sulfate process, this product is specifically designed for printing ink applications. Boasting a bluish undertone and exceptional optical performance, BR-3661 brings unparalleled value to your printing jobs.

One of the most notable features of BR-3661 is its high dispersibility. Thanks to its finely engineered particles, this pigment blends easily and uniformly with your ink, ensuring a consistently superior finish. The high hiding power of BR-3661 also means that your printed designs will stand out, with vibrant colors that pop.

Another advantage of BR-3661 is its low oil absorption. This means that your ink will not become overly viscous, leading to problems like the machine won’t easily stir it. Instead, you can count on BR-3661 to offer a stable and consistent ink flow throughout your printing job.

What’s more, the exceptional optical performance of BR-3661 sets it apart from other pigments on the market. The bluish undertones of this product give your printed designs a unique flair and enhance the overall aesthetic. Whether you are printing leaflets, brochures, or packaging materials, BR-3661 will make your designs truly stand out.

To conclude, BR-3661 is a reliable, high-quality pigment designed with the needs of printing ink applications in mind. With its high dispersibility, low oil absorption, and exceptional optical performance, this product is sure to exceed your expectations. Experience the difference in your printing jobs today with BR-3661.

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