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BCR-856 General application titanium dioxide

Short Description:

BCR-856 is a rutile titanium dioxide pigment produced by the chloride process.lt has excellent whiteness, good dispersion,high gloss, good hiding power, weather resistance.

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Technical Data Sheet

Typical Properties


Tio2 content, %


Inorganic Treatment

ZrO2, Al2O3

Organic Treatment


45μm Residue on sieve, %


Oil absorption(g/100g)


Resistivity (Ω.m)


Recommended applications

Water-based coatings
Coil coatings
Woodware paints
Industrial paints
Can printing inks


25kg bags, 500kg and 1000kg containers.

More details

One of the main advantages of BCR-856 is its excellent whiteness, ensuring your products look bright and clean. This makes it ideal for use in applications such as coatings for homes, offices and public spaces where aesthetics is important. Additionally, the pigment has good hiding power, which means it can be used to effectively conceal colour and blemishes.

Another advantage of BCR-856 is its excellent dispersion ability. This allows the pigment to be evenly distributed throughout the product, improving its consistency and making it easier to stir. In addition, the pigment has a high gloss, making it ideal for coatings requiring a shiny reflective finish.

BCR-856 is also highly weather resistant making it ideal for outdoor applications. Whether your product is exposed to sunlight, wind, rain or other environmental elements, this pigment will continue to maintain its high level, ensuring your product maintains its quality and appearance over time.

Whether you want to create high quality architectural coatings, industrial coatings, plastics, the BCR-856 is an excellent choice. With its exceptional whiteness, good dispersion, high gloss, good hiding power and weather resistance, this pigment is sure to help you create products that look and perform their best.

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