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2023 Plast Eurasia Istanbul

Zhongyuan shengbang (Xiamen) Technology CO.,Ltd participated in the Plast Eurasia Exhibition held in Istanbul from November 22nd to November 25th.


We are excited to draw attention to our flagship product BCR-858, which incorporates the latest advancements in titanium dioxide technology. This unique blend has been attracting many customers to know our brand SUNBANG, and we are confident that it will turn heads at the upcoming event.

BCR-858 is a plastic-specific chlorination product that offers unparalleled performance and durability. With the addition of titanium dioxide, it provides enhanced UV resistance and a brilliant white finish, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. From outdoor furniture to automotive components, BCR-858 delivers exceptional results, and we are eager to demonstrate its capabilities at Plast Eurasia Istanbul.

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Plast Eurasia Istanbul is the largest plastics industry fair in the region, attracting thousands of professionals and decision-makers from around the world. It provides an excellent platform for industry like SUNBANG to showcase their latest products and technologies, and we are looking forward to connecting with new and existing customers at the event. Our team will be on hand to provide in-depth information about BCR-858 and demonstrate its unique features, giving visitors the opportunity to see firsthand the benefits of this innovative product.

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In conclusion, Plast Eurasia Istanbul provides an excellent opportunity for us to engage with industry professionals, showcase our latest innovations, and build new connections. We look forward to demonstrating the unique features and benefits of BCR-858 and sharing our vision for the future of the plastics industry. With our commitment to excellence and sustainability, we are confident that SUNBANG will make a lasting impression at this prestigious event.

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Post time: Dec-07-2023