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SUNBANG participated in the 2023 Asia Pacific Coatings Exhibition in Thailand

From September 6 to 8, 2023, ASIA PACIFIC COATINGS SHOW was grandly held at the Bangkok International Trade Exhibition Center in Thailand.Zhongyuan Shengbang (Xiamen) Technology Co.,Ltd showed up at this exhibition with its own brand  SUNBANG, which attracted widespread attention from merchants at home and abroad.

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The Asia Pacific Coatings Exhibition was founded in 1991 and is hosted by the Asian Coatings Association. It is held in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries in turn. It has an exhibition area of 15,000 square meters, 420 exhibitors and 15,000 professional visitors. The exhibits cover coatings and Various raw materials, dyes, pigments, adhesives, inks, additives, fillers, polymers, resins, solvents, paraffin, testing instruments, coatings and coating equipment, etc. Asia Pacific Coatings Exhibition is the leading event for the coatings industry in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Rim.

In recent years, Southeast Asia's rapid economic growth and huge population have made the coatings market widely optimistic. The Asia Pacific Coatings Exhibition in Thailand attracted many professional visitors from the local and surrounding countries and regions. As a domestic titanium dioxide enterprise, Zhongyuan Shengbang received many inquiries from foreign customers during the exhibition. The customers were very interested in our products and established follow-up in-depth cooperation through exchanges and negotiations.

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In recent years, Zhongyuan Shengbang has actively participated in relevant international professional exhibitions, strengthened the layout of the international market, and improved brand value and international influence. With its high-quality, high-performance products and high-quality professional services, it has been recognized and cooperated by customers from all over the world, and continues to show the charm and strength of the SUNBANG brand to the world.

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