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SUN BANG stands out on Plastic & Rubber Thailand

Plastic & Rubber Thailand is a professional exhibition in Thailand on plastic and rubber technology, machinery, services, and raw materials, covering all processes from raw materials to recycled plastic and rubber, bringing together manufacturers, processors, and consumers from around the world. The exhibition is located in the largest plastic processing industry in Southeast Asia and holds a strategic position, providing exhibitors with abundant strategic opportunities to enter the regional plastic and rubber markets.


From May 15th to 18th, SUN BANG made a brilliant appearance at the Thailand Plastic and Rubber Exhibition with key models of titanium dioxide such as BCR858, BR3663, and BR3668, showcasing its latest achievements in the field of plastic products to all customers and attracting a large number of customer attention. These products have high covering power, high weather resistance, and excellent processing performance, which can meet the production needs of various complex shaped plastic products. They have good heat resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, and can also maintain stable performance in harsh environments.


1.BCR858: BCR-858 is a rutile type titanium dioxide produced by the chloride process. It is designed for masterbatch and plastics. It has performance with bluish undertone, good dispersion, low volatility, low oil absorption, excellent yellowing resistance and dry flow ability in process.

2.BR3663: BR-3663 pigment is a rutile titanium dioxide produced by thesulfate process for general and powder coating purpose. This product appears outstanding weathering resistance, highdispersibility,and excellent temperature resistance.

3.BR3668: BR-3668 pigment is a rutile titanium dioxide produced by the sulfate treatment. It is specially designed for silicon aluminum coating and universal type. It disperses easily with high opacity and low oil absorption.


At this exhibition, SUN BANG booth has attracted attention and gained popularity, with numerous upstream and downstream professional customers visiting and exchanging ideas, becoming a hot spot for industry exchanges. The 4-day exhibition has come to a perfect end, and SUN BANG will deepen mutual trust and cooperation with global customers, focusing on long-term development. Actively listening to customer suggestions from various fields, obtaining, sharing, and deeply integrating market information and industry trends from multiple dimensions, and providing more comprehensive color services.

Post time: May-20-2024