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Recap of RUPLASTICA EXHIBITION – SUN BANG Shines at Plastic Exhibition

Dear Partners and Esteemed Audience,

In the recently concluded RUPLASTICA EXHIBITION, we take pride in being a focal point, showcasing our exceptional titanium dioxide products and innovative solutions to the Russian market. Throughout the exhibition, we achieved fruitful outcomes, with our BR-3663 model gaining attention for its outstanding whiteness and superior coverage, solidifying our position as leaders in the plastic industry.


1. Whiteness and Gloss of BR-3663 Titanium Dioxide:
BR-3663 titanium dioxide exhibits high whiteness and gloss. This contributes to ensuring plastic products have a clear and bright appearance, enhancing overall visual appeal.

2. Weather Resistance of BR-3663 Titanium Dioxide:
BR-3663 titanium dioxide possesses excellent weather resistance, preventing color fading or changes over time.

3. Particle Size and Dispersion of BR-3663 Titanium Dioxide:
The good particle size and dispersion of BR-3663 contribute to ensuring consistency in the color of plastic surfaces, avoiding color variations.

4. Heat Stability of BR-3663 Titanium Dioxide:
Plastic products may be affected by high temperatures during manufacturing and usage. BR-3663 exhibits thermal stability, preventing color changes or material degradation.


In summary, BR-3663 meets the physical performance, appearance requirements, and specific application standards associated with plastic products. It is particularly well-suited for PVC production.

We express our sincere gratitude to all who visited our booth. Your enthusiastic participation has made our exhibition journey memorable. Moving forward, we will continue striving to provide high-quality products and services, contributing to the advancements in the titanium dioxide industry.


Thank you for your support and attention!



Post time: Feb-04-2024